We all want to create a web page that appears in Google search engines. After all, having a site that has a good ranking is a great way to get new customers.

Are you just starting?

Then you will want to start with our web creation platform , since Wix has the best SEO for your web page. Then, while there is no magic formula for this, a combination of high quality content and strong links can take you very far.

But how do you get links to your site? And why is it so important? Here we introduce you to 411, or all you need to know about backlinks.

[are Backlinks]?

Backlinks are links that connect an external website to your site. These links are crucial since they tell search engines that your web page matters. Google considers the links as votes, so the more links you have to your web page, the better you will go in this Internet popularity contest.

But beware! It is important that these links come from sites that are related to yours, so that they do not harm your SEO. More votes for your site means that you are more reliable and will make you higher in the search engines.

But, unlike democracy, not all links are viewed with the same eyes by search engines. Google, Bing and others give much more weight to the links that come from popular and well-known pages. A link that comes from The New York Times or Wikipedia will have much more weight than a link from your best friend's blog.

When a web page is linked to yours, you are showing your readers that your content is also relevant. Besides, these links help Google understand what your website is about. Google understands that if there are two linked pages, there is probably a relationship between them. What does this mean? What should you aim to get other known web pages of your industry are linked to yours.

Anchor Texts

A text linked to a web page is known as an anchor text. If possible, you will want the words used in that text to include keywords . In this way, Google understands that there is a relationship between those words and your page. It is better to have the anchor text in phrases like "best Spanish restaurant" or "how to create a web page" than in "read here" or "look at this article".

Where can you get, buy high quality backlinks?

To begin with the process of backlinks, it is important to make a list of potential sites that you could link to your web page. Search the Internet and see which ones have a good ranking in Google (generally, those are the best quality). Keep in mind, however, that if you are an interior designer, receiving a link from a dentist will not help you too much. You have to stay in your industry.

If you can receive a link from a university or a government website, that's great. Search engines tend to respect and trust sites that end in .gob, .edu or .org.

It is also important to keep those links fresh. Google says that to show that you're still active you have to change them every couple of months.

How to get links?

Once you have a list of potential web pages, it will be time to start focusing on webmasters. Those are the ones that maintain the site. There are three different types of links that you could go looking for and here we are going to tell you about their differences and the benefits of each one.

Type 1: Natural Links

This type of links are the most impact when pushing your site. As the name suggests, they are links that happen without much effort on your part. A natural link is when a web page chooses to link to yours. It usually happens when you have great content that others are interested in sharing with their users and customers.

To improve your chances of having these types of links, we suggest you always have high quality content and make it easy for others to share it. Think of something professional, interesting and reliable for your target market. Then, publish it on your social networks and web page to make it super accessible. The key here is to make your content easy to share.

Type 2: Broadcast Links

These types of links come from sites you are looking for directly and ask them for a link. These links can be from popular blogs or web pages related to your industry. There are three ways to get these broadcast links. For all you will have to talk directly with the manager of the site by phone or email.

Promote Existing Content

Read your own content and think who would like to read it. Then, look for other sites and blogs that are intended for the same audience. Write to those webmasters and send them some links to your most professional or higher value articles. Tell them why you think it would be good for your readers to read your content and ask them if they would be willing to share it.

Guest Publications

Send an email to the owner of a web page that you admire and offer to write an article for your blog. Make sure you explain why you like your site, what your area of ​​expertise is, and how you can contribute. Keep the mail simple but to the point. If the idea sounds interesting enough, the webmaster is probably happy to have you. Then, make sure he puts a link back to your web page.

Reviews and Awards

Another option is to invite different bloggers to try your products or services. Offer a free class in your yoga studio, your ice cream or a haircut in your living room. In return they must agree to write a couple of lines about your business that include a link to your site. Another way is to invite a well-known blogger to share a discount coupon with your readers for your products or services.

Type 3: Own Creation Links

You can also create quick and easy links to your own site without the help of anyone. These autogenerated links have the least amount of influence on your ranking, but they can help you boost your site. There are three ways to do it:

Connect with Forums and Blogs!

You can create your own links in different forums, blog comments and online directories (make sure they are also from your industry). While some of those links may have " spam ", if you really give relevant, valuable comments and content to a specific audience, they can help you bring more traffic. You should try to comment on some LinkedIn or Reddit posts, also sharing your link. If you always keep within your industry, these links will be useful.

Take your Name to the Directories

You can also generate your own links by adding your business to online directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Places and more. Wix even has an App. Site Booster , which adds your site directly to several directors.

Create Internal Links within your Site

Internal links connect different pages within your site. They help your customers and Google navigate your site, keep your customers for longer on your website and can also help you with your ranking. You can create a link from your blog to a relevant product in your online store, or from your "About Us" page to your frequently asked questions. Use internal links to encourage your visitors to spend more time inside your site, read additional information and finally, finalize a purchase.

Buy Backlinks.

There are many sites out there if you are looking to buy backlinks. Depends on your needs if you want high quality backlinks will be the right choice. If you are looking for cheap links go for,

Bonus! Discover Who Has Links to Your Website

Once your (hard) work is finished, you will want to know if the effort was worth it. There are many tools that will help you do it:Semrush , for example, will show you who and how you have links with you. You can also check out "Links to your Site" in the Google Search Console . In this way you can track the results of your strategy and see what works and what does not to improve accordingly.